‚ÄčThere is an old saying that goes "good, fast and cheap, pick any two".  It's a pretty accurate rule to apply to almost any business transaction in life.  In 1997, CQ was founded with the idea that we could deliver a very good car wash, at a low price, very quickly.  

That year, we built a 110 foot long conveyor car wash using the best components and car wash technology available.  Since then, CQ has washed hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks in the Fenton area in our tunnel wash.

The tunnel was such a great success that 3 years later, we built a self serve wash adjacent to the tunnel and included a 24/7 Touchless Wash and a Free Dryer for all customers.

In 2015, we added 9 additional vacuums to the 8 that we already had in place.  All of our red topped vacuums are now FREE when you purchase a car wash, no need to hand out $1.00 CQ tokens.  And, recently, we have added an RFID Speed Pass system which will allow a seamless unlimited wash option for our tunnel customers.  

We hope you enjoy our facility and enjoy our Good, Fast and Cheap car wash!!

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